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How To Replace Broken Garage Door Cable?

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Cable is among the essential parts of garage door that ensures a safety operation. Just like any other garage door parts, the cable also needs a good maintenance so it can last for a long period of time. Breakage is the common reason why garage door cable become faulty. Anyone will not love this thing to happen but breakage is unavoidable and to fix it, a cable replacement is indispensable. Stated below are some information that all garage door owners must understand.

Importance of Garage Door Cable

Garage door springs are pressured and fatigued repeatedly, the forces which is alternately exerted make the springs weak over time. A broken garage door spring which is uncabled will recoil with extreme force that will make the vehicle nasty, hollow and more worse can put one’s life to danger. The garage door cable that moves via spring preclude the spring from recoiling and can let a broken spring falls harmlessly.

Danger Prevention

Possible danger by the spring’s tension can be prevented with the help of a garage door cable. Since a broken cable takes place, it is valuable to be aware of this danger. If you aren’t sure in dealing with high tensions springs, better for you to call a garage technician. It is more important to spend few dollars instead of risking your own life.

Replacing the Cable

Ahead of doing the cable replacement process, you must free the tension in the garage door springs. Open the garage door fully and to keep the door in place, put some c-clamps on the track located under the door’s lowest wheel. When the door is securely open, you must unhook the springs easily, change the cable and hook up the springs again. Do not try to unhook the springs if the tension is not released!

Bear in mind that it is important to consider the assistance of a professional repairman, if you think you can’t do the replacement method on your own. Garage technicians are more knowledgeable and skilled on this field.