Garage Door Cable Repair

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Garage Door Cable Installation

Garage doors are the most used and the heaviest fixture in the house. Over time, some remarkable useful features were added to the functionality of this reliable door. However, garage doors, just like anything else, are subject to wear and tear. The fact that it is used daily supplements to aforementioned issues. On the other hand, there are some safety measures that you can apply to make the quality of your garage door serve you in longer period.

Due to constant use, garage door springs are prone to breaking and weakening. That is why garage door cables are useful. These cables control the tension and motion of your garage door. When they break, garage door springs without cable, can cause serious injury to you or your car. The broken garage door spring will withdraw with aggressive strength since it is under big pressure. The cable makes it possible for the broken spring to drop safely. If you just do not know you are way in repairing your garage door spring, trust it to the expert. Do not stake your life with possible injury.

We are savvy in installing garage door cable and use cutting-edge technology in our task. We are prompt in our services and arrive on time. More so, we use safety measures in what we do. We also cover wide range of services apart from garage door installation such as garage door overhead repair, garage door torsion spring repair and garage door spring replacement among others.

If you ever encounter broken garage door spring or cable, do not hesitate to call us. Allow us to take a look of your garage door. We quote appropriately and even give free estimates. Meanwhile, if your garage door springs break; make sure that no one is inside your garage door to prevent harm.